Open Circle is a place for people to meet and build relationships together. Relationships everywhere. It's a place to meet people both locally and globally and have fun along the way.

We're a community standing for world peace and freedom of speech with respect, freedom of movement, and the equality and worth of all.

These rules, as shared below, are here to ensure a safe and comfortable place to be and have fun for all. Please obey the rules and ask an administrator or moderator if you have any questions about these rules or this community in general. Thank you!

  1. Everybody is welcome here. So, keep the tone positive and inclusive. We can all have a bad day and that's okay to share too, but you should never let your bad mood affect others negatively or act out on others in any way. Though, we're always here for your support and sharing a helping hand!

  2. Always ask the person who shared a piece of content before you share it elsewhere. This is a semi-private space, and thus, not everything that is shared here is meant for the general public to see. Please respect everyone's privacy. Then others will respect yours too.

  3. Please check the roles of the people you're engaging with. You can see there what they're open to (if anything) and please respect this. Some people are open to everything, others are not. That's completely alright and how it should be.

  4. If you want to share explicit content, please keep this type of content to the designated channels, e.g., #nsfw. Some people may be all right with seeing these things throughout their days, but others may not. That's why we have separate channels for these purposes.

  5. You're welcome to share the community with others. Please share and link to https://opencircle.club/. 🥰